"C4" High Performance Batteries

Multi time DAYTONA 500 WINNER

Multi Time Daytona 500 winner, The most SPRINT CUP wins in the last 6 years

G2 Racing Products was formed in 1993 with the goal of providing engineering, prototype design, and manufacturing services for the racing industry throughout the world. As a partner with many auto manufacturers and race teams our work has helped produce race wins as well as championship seasons. To date, the majority of our products are provided in conjunction with strict confidentiality agreements. After 18 years of prototyping, we have decided to focus on the development of a few select products specifically tailored for the needs of the high performance as well as the racing industry. As a result, G2 Racing is a purveyor of high performance products that are absolutely the finest in design, quality, and construction. We do consider price but it is not the driving force behind our products. Design, quality, and service are the backbone to our company. We never substitute for quality.
We proudy offer the finest battery available today. please look over the following information and always feel free to call and discuss your specific needs

-Gary Grossenbacher

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